Commissioning an Original Painting

I accept commissions for original paintings in either oils or watercolor in most subject matter.  I work from photographs and will take the photos myself if the subject matter is located in the greater Orlando, Florida area.  I am also happy to work from photos or slides of a favorite location or person that you may wish to provide.  I work hard to ensure that the likeness, style and mood of the painting meet or exceed your expectations.  My prices are reasonable and I offer a payment plan for larger works. 

How to Commission a Painting

Email me with a proposal that includes: the subject matter, medium, dimensions you desire and any other pertinent information.  Provide your telephone number and suggest a time when I may reach you by telephone.  I will call or email you to discuss your idea and quote a price for your commissioned painting.


When we reach a mutual agreement, the next step will be to make arrangements to provide whatever visual references will be needed to create the painting.  Based on these references, I will send you a sketch of the proposed painting for your approval.  If you have changes you would like me to make, return the sketch with your suggestions.  I will send you up to three sketches (proofs) at no additional cost.  If you wish me to make additional changes that require more sketches, you are welcome to request them at an additional $35 per sketch.  I will work with you to achieve just the effect you are seeking.


When you are satisfied with the sketch, initial and date it, and return it to me with a check for half of the agreed upon price of the commission.  I will begin your painting and give you an idea of the amount of time that will be required to complete it.  It is possible to see the work in progress via email if you wish.  Upon completion, I will notify you and request the balance of the amount owed plus shipping charges.   


If for some reason you do not wish to keep the painting, you may return it to me in its original condition and I will refund half the price of the commission.  (This has never happened, but the guarantee is there, just in case.)


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