Artist in Residence

My painting of Tower Rock donated to The Buffalo River National Park Collection


National Arts in the Park

Artist Residency 2001

      In the summer of 2001, I was awarded an Artist-in-Residency at Steel Creek in the Buffalo River National Park of Arkansas.  For two weeks I lived in a two-room apartment up over a horse stable with no TV, radio reception, or telephone.  There were a couple horses in the stable, but the closest human was a park ranger who lived in a stone house (almost shouting distance), down the valley.  There was a pay phone near his house overlooking Tower Rock where I could call home in the evenings.  On the up side there was nothing to do but swim in the river and paint.  Great plein-air experience.

Tower Rock Painting

Sketching the Ranger Station


Sketch of the artist apartment 

above the horse stable 



Oil painting of the view from the pay phone


Oil painting of the cliffs behind the stables


Sketch of cliffs in the morning mist











Steel Cliffs on the Buffalo River



Sketch of the Ranger Station




Photo of the artist apartment and stables


Photo of same view/different angle


Photo of horses & cliffs behind the stables










Painting of cliffs stained with iron deposits


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